If you are unable to be intimate with your husband for a season or permanently, first of all, I am so sorry. 

I can't guess at all of the specifications for your unique situation, so please do the best you can using my advice, and lots of prayer, to discern what is best for your situation.

I've had friends who have been unable to be intimate with their husbands for a season, due to medical restrictions, and I've had four children myself and have been 'out of commission' for various lengths of time.

Here is an example I like to give:

If my husband were in a car accident, and had to have his mouth wired shut (I think this might have happened to Kanye West once? lol). Anyway, if he were unable to speak a single word to me for 6 months, it would be extremely difficult, not to mention all of the other challenges going on at the same time. Of course I would completely understand that it was physically impossible for my husband to open his mouth and speak to me- but after a few weeks (or maybe even a few days), if he made no effort to communicate in another fashion- like grabbing my hand and looking deeply into my eyes, or grabbing a pen and paper to write down some word- If he made zero effort to communicate with me, but rather sat back and enjoyed his "time off" from having to communicate with his wife, I would feel extremely hurt and unloved.

If you have a medical condition that prevents your from being able to be fully intimate with your husband, or perhaps that affects your drive to be intimate at all- it is still SO important to show your husband that you want him physically. I pray that you can think of ways to, on a regular basis and with a giving heart, engage in some form of intimacy and fulfilling closeness with your husband, even if it is not sex. And I pray that he will meet you there with a heart of gratefulness and compassion. 

I know it can be a scary thought to begin something you feel might become an "expectation" that you don't want to maintain- but PLEASE, for the sake of the wellness of your marriage, I pray you can selflessly and humbly find something that is safe and can work for both of you. And I think you will be very surprised to see the shift in your husband's care and affection toward you, as you go out of your way to meet his needs.