HELLO, beautiful mama!

Let’s cut right to the chase. You are here because it is HIGH time to find a lasting, godly, balanced, effective approach to your health. I can help you!

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This simple 3-part course will:

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+ The bare bones supplements I take to help me feel good and look better!

These are the basic guidelines I follow to keep healthy- based on 10+ years of education and experimentation. I have “eaten the meat and spit out the bones” from basically everything out there (veganism, macrobiotics, trim healthy mama, ketogenics, paleo, AIP)- and I would love to simplify everything and show you what really works!

Looking for some steps you can begin taking right now?

Check out this interview with personal fitness trainer, Megan Jox. This is a great place to start! I also highly recommend this podcast in general- it’s awesome!


Looking for a more personalized approach to your health journey?

Consider my sister Renee. She is an awesome health coach. She is hilarious and down-to-earth. She is the younger woman in my life who consistently pushes me to do what is best for myself, stay current, and not get too caught in my own head. She simplifies the health journey for women, and will work with you in a one-on-one fashion. Check her out on instagram or her website!

My Health Qualifications:

  • My mom. I am a second-generation health nut. My mom was buying organic and talking to us about GMO’s 20+ years ago- before that was even “a thing”.

  • My siblings. My older brother attended the Center of Intugrative Nutrition in NYC and was a macrobiotic head-chef at the world-renowned Kushi institue. During those years he taught me SO MUCH about how our body works and what various foods/ nutrition sources do. My sisters are health-nuts also. One is a vegan and the other is a nurtion major and health coach. Health is an ongoing dialogue in my family of origin.

  • Myself. I am a mom of 4 who is extremely dedicated to the health of my children, my husband and myself. I have a very solid foundation and have learned how to process new information quickly in an “eat the meat, spit out the bones” fashion. I understand what works, I understand what health is.

  • Jesus! He was the missing link in my health journey. Truly surrendering this area of my life to him has loosened the reigns, and has flooded this area of my life with a new peace, contentment and mental stability. He has brought it into proper order.

I have gone through periods of making an idol out of my health and my body- and I still have to be very intentional about surrendering my desire for affirmation from people. I am learning to be comfortable in my skin, even when I am slightly fuller than I would like to be. In my flesh nature I would like to be a super-thin, super-mom who draws the attention of everyone who sees me, because I’m clearly crushing it!!! Isn’t the ego so horrible. But instead, God is teaching me to be content with being a balanced mom, a healthy mom, a mom who has her strength and identity rooted firmly in him. A mom who can eat a treat with her family because she has freedom in Christ, without feeling like I’ve sabotaged anything. A mom who now defaults to healthy choices, and occasional treats. A mom who is learning what it really means to walk in freedom in this area of my life!

Let me be clear- I am NOT a certified ANYTHING when it comes to health. But I am comfortable sharing my knowledge and what works as a mom, wife and fellow-sejorner in this journey of finding balance, health, and bringing Jesus into the center of it all!