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Everything-but-the-kitchen-sink Smoothie for Kids!

This smoothie is my go-to power, nutrient, vitamin and mineral packed punch for my kiddos!

I make this about 3 mornings per week and set a timer for 6 minutes.

My oldest son is my pickiest eater, but even he has learned to take this down no problem.

How To Show Your Son Respect and Why It WORKS!

A common occurrence began this morning in my home. I could hear my oldest two children bickering back and forth. Whenever I go to break up the argument and tell them to be kind to each other, here are the typical responses I get:

Younger Sister (in whiny voice): 

  • "He's being mean to me!"

SAHM Summer Focus: Healthier Bodies, Healthier Minds, Healthier Habits

Summer is here!! I have been DREAMING about these lazy early summer weeks with my kids, before camps, vacations, or anything else begins. I love late June for precisely that reason. It is slow going.  Trips to the library, the local beach, and plenty of time for the kids to laze around the house and