love and respect

It's all about respect

Respect is everything to a man.

I had no idea until I picked up Emmerson Eggeriches book Love and Respect. This book taught me that the same way that MY primary need in a relationship is love, my husband's primary need is respect. This was so eye opening for me, and I can honestly say that this concept saved my marriage before it started.

How To Show Your Son Respect and Why It WORKS!

A common occurrence began this morning in my home. I could hear my oldest two children bickering back and forth. Whenever I go to break up the argument and tell them to be kind to each other, here are the typical responses I get:

Younger Sister (in whiny voice): 

  • "He's being mean to me!"

Mom of Boys

Oh my heart today. As I sat in that little wooden half-dome in the pay room, and watch T walking around with his "tool", trying to "fix things" for me.

Oh my heart is splattered. This responsibility of being a mom to this boy- all the boys; my heart throbs and I don't want to mess it up. I don't want to go into a numb funk and forget this important focus:

The heart of my boys, my husband included, loves to serve me!

They want to see me smile big and proud and say things like, "Great job!!" and "Thank you SO much!!" and "Wow, you are so strong and so good at that."

I know because as I say those things my two-year-old runs quickly to the next thing to "fix it" as fast as he can. And he says, "I fix for you, Mom." My. Heart.

I know because my oldest son tells me for almost