How Your Broken Family-of-Origin is Affecting Your Marriage, And How to Begin Healing

The Inner Child is another name for the embodiment of concealed emotions and damage done to you by negative childhood experiences.

This usually involves the relationship dynamic (or lack thereof) with your parents.

We have all had bad experiences in our childhood, some more than others, and there are a lot of ways that these relational experiences affect us and manifest in our adult life.

Sign You Were a Parentified Daughter, And How it Can Show Up in Your Marriage

Parentification happens when a child takes on the role of caretaker in place of the parent.

They may be responsible for the care of themselves, their siblings and/or a parent.

Instead of being loved, nurtured and cared for, the child must sacrifice their own needs to meet the needs of others. This often happens without the child even realizing it, as it just becomes the everyday norm.

3 Healthy Boundaries for Adult Daughters- To Protect Your Own Sanity and Family

We’ve each grown up with different dynamics within our family of origin- and these relationships can be complicated, to say the least.

Many of us came from broken or dysfunctional homes where nobody modeled healthy relationships and boundaries. Some of us even grew accustomed to accepting extremely unhealthy behavior as normal.

I often hear from women about their parents’ unbearable behaviors. Sometimes these adult daughters did not even realize the issue until well into their adult years.

Why Rachel Hollis' Message is So Hard to Resist, And How to Rise Above

Even though my life is so blessed, and God has been so gracious to me, I am still such a loser sometimes.  

Tonight I sat on my couch scrolling through my phone on a Saturday night, ignoring my family. A temporary ease to the dull ache inside of me.

I try to keep it pure and look up only Christian content, but you know how things can spiral.

Christian celebrity Instagram accounts, and then onto the people they have tagged, and people those people have tagged... A lame, lame waste of time, I know. And tonight I somehow eventually wound up on a famous Christian authors’ daughter’s account. Nice.

How to Stop Gravitating Toward Losers and Be More Selective in Who You Get Close To

First of all, I realize the title of this article is not very nice.

I’m the kind of person who never says words like “loser”. I’m an equal opportunity employer- rich, poor, fat, skinny, annoying- everyone deserves respect and kindness as far as I’m concerned.

My husband, not so much.

He has a quick radar for all things “loserish”. He was raised in a much more socially-conscious environment than I was. He’s a snob, basically.

But what I admire about his shrewdness is that

When Mommy’s Heart is Stolen by Her Work

This is something that many of us need to come face to face with.

It is a heart-of-hearts kind of issue, deeper than many of the topics being tackled in women’s circles at this moment.

Many of us are at home with our children, but our hearts have drifted far away.

Build Friendships that Uplift You With These Three Simple Steps

A few weeks ago my friend Crystal and I sat at a little downtown café to sip coffee and grab a delicious farm-to-table lunch. We sat for almost 3 hours. We laughed a lot, cried a little, and caught up on each other’s lives. I had my husband’s blessing to spend the money, take my time and enjoy myself- and I did!

Are Your Dreams an Idol?

Ambitious. Goal-setter. Go-getter. These are all words with a very positive connotation in our culture. Our achieving, writing, dreaming, making, entrepreneurial culture. We have our sights set on it; that goal, that dream, that version of ourself that we want to get to. We'll find the right graphics, make the perfect business card and website, make the right connections. 

I look online for a Christian life-coach and I find some. Ones who will listen to my plans and dreams and help me to get there. To what I want- not what God wants.

What does God want from me? We get scared away from this because of what we don't want to give up. Push and pace and cell phones and starvation. And women who were meant to be full, child-bearing, well-nourished beauties- push and starve themselves hollow of anything rich and good and true, to chase an elusive skinny, successful shadow. A picture on their new website, and how many likes? We can surround ourselves with meaningless noise and make it feel so right.

What are you chasing? What are you running

Instagram Feelings

I want to be better than this post. (I want to be better than a lot of my posts:) But here we are, working our way through our adult lives, hopefully strengthening our bond to the one true rock that keeps us steady.

Here's what I experienced during my brief stint on Instagram.

When you wish you had more self-discipline

This is what it feels like to have poor self-discipline: 

You're laying in bed angry, frustrated and wishing you had gotten up earlier. The baby is crying in his room, and you had been doing SO well for 2 weeks straight- getting up to have your quiet time, exercising and sticking to that eating plan. What happened?

It feels like you can't stick to anything longterm.

Why can my husband make a decision, and flip a switch