Relief in Submission


I was just feeling so angry over social media... again. I went on for just a few minutes, the first time in a while. Flitted around. Left feeling more hollow, more angry, more wanting to say MY piece than before. More confused and scattered and these emotions- this devastation for the plight of things, the division. Everyone sticking their finger in the air and shouting their opinion. The leadership- the people that many people are following, flaunting their own feelings and opinions about Christianity, and the President, and the latest disaster, and I can't stomach all of this narcissism. I feel angry and sick all in one stroke. I feel a part of it, wanting to get in the middle and push and shove my weight around as well. But more than that I want to flee. I want to run away from it all and go bury my head under a blanket somewhere. Stay just with Jesus. But, Lord, will I be a naive little chicken in a land of wolves? Shouldn't I know what is going on here? Shouldn't I be on the pulse too? Isn't this relevence?


And at the peak of confusion and trying to pray, mind and heart still spinning out, it hits me. Submission. This is the answer. Submission to Christ. The place where I can rest and be the student and look at the one true teacher. Submission to him. I will orient my gaze, my heart, my all to the one true righteous, holy and GOOD. The only one. It's so simple. But in submission I can rest. In submission I can not have answers and it is okay. Submission immediately removes me and all of the others from the center and the need to perform because people are watching. I can sit and watch him instead. I don't have to be the one. He is the ONE. 

Jesus, help me to make much of YOU, in a world that is making much of everything else, everyone else, and themselves. Y-o-u. 

Phil 2:3

James 3: 14-15