Is it okay?

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I find myself bouncing all over the place lately between things I want to do. This morning, I somehow found myself researching tummy-tucks and mommy-makeovers. Is this a viable option for me? 

Sometimes lately I find myself thinking about traveling far, or making some big investment in a passion project. 

With stereotypes and inhibitions flying out the windows, all of the sudden we feel more freedom than ever. Anything is up for grabs. But as Christians, when we see the lack of inhibitions cross paths with darkness, we grow leery. A friend pursuing a divorce, or a sister posting that racy photo- people left and right taking the plunge into the I-don't-care-anymore zone.

Bottom line, we want to be free too, not STUCK because of our stale, old inhibitions. We want to take out the trash too and be free to think, feel and want some things. But if your heart is like mine, you are not going to be fooled into completely giving over to yourself, your feelings and your desires- because you know that is a dark place. You know that God calls us to die to ourselves for HIM, and if you're like me then you also know from experience that playing by your own rules, your own feelings, leads to your own downfall. 

So what do I think? I think we are asking the wrong questions altogether. The question is not can I and should I. The question is have you spent time TODAY in communication with your Lord and Savior? Have you spent time telling him all of your needs, your wishes and desires? And have you allowed him time to pour back into you, read his word and allowed his sweet Holy Spirit to take control? Have you surrendered yourself to him? Otherwise, the enemy will keep stringing you along by your feelings, under the pretense of freedom in Christ. And you will never be satisfied. 

Matthew 6:33

Jeremiah  17:9