Do you desire to be anchored in what is good and true so you can embrace what really matters?

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If you are like most women, you spend so much energy trying to improve the exterior parts of your life:

  • Your health
  • Your body
  • Your career
  • Your marriage
  • Your home life
  • Your relationship

We are always chasing our next life-improvement goal!

But I'm here to tell you you'll never find TRUE rest, happiness, peace or fulfillment by focusing on the exteriors. REAL wholeness and happiness comes from being made right with God. And THAT is what is missing in your life. THAT is why are are not truly at peace or happy. 

Please hear me, sweet friend, because I have been there. I have chased so many empty things to try to fill the void in my life. Things like:

But this is all just "a chasing after the wind", and none of it leaves us TRULY happy.

And so my goal is to help you:

  • Stop chasing and obsessing over the wrong things
  • Set your affections on your one true savior, redeemer and healer
  • Cultivate a deep, authentic, life-giving relationship with Chirst
  • And to cheer for your victories as you throw off old chains and obsessions, and learn to walk in freedom!

I would love to be your encouraging sister in Christ!

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