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The Makings of a Great Love Story

You're here because you want different. Different from your past and different from what you see those around you settling for. 

You want it all:

  • the joy

  • the passion

  • the hard times that make you draw closer

  • the deep connection

  • the dancing barefoot in the kitchen, and holding each others hands as you watch your children get married.

You want the kind of love that feels more trustworthy and secure than anything in the world, yet is also playful, flirtatious and fun!

The kind that radiates joy and light to those around- the center of your happy home.

You, darling, are the rare rose that still believes in a true happily-ever-after. 

And here is the best part:

Whether you realize it or not, all of the brokenness and hurt from your past have set you up to have a more amazing love story than anyone you know!

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Hi, I'm Audry Cece. These are my people and here is my story: 

I grew up with great parents and great roots. I had all of the makings to be confident, happy and successful in life. But I lost my way for a long time. When my parents split and both became busy with their jobs, I was left to make a lot of decisions, and figure out a lot of life by myself.

To make a very long story short, I neglected the things that could have kept me on a successful path (my grades and extracurriculars activities), and instead focused my attention on things that were meaningless and frivolous- like my appearance. (Fun fact: I was actually voted best looking in my high-school class.) So yay, I looked cute, but inside I was always grappling with a deep sense of being lost and directionless.

It might seem silly to talk about childhood and high school alllll of these years later, but let's be honest- these are the years we form a VERY DEEP belief system about our self worth.

These are the issues most of us are still carrying around and living from whether we realize it or not. 

So fast forward a little to where I fell deeply and madly in love with a boy- who went on to break my heart and leave me even more messed up inside. 

SO, I was basically left desperate and broken.

Looking back now I am SO grateful that God allowed me to come to a place where I was so desperate, because it was from that place I started praying and surrendering my life to God. I didn't even really know what that meant at the time, but an open heart and telling him to "take the wheel" was all I needed. He slowly lead me step by step through my healing journey.

I actually wrote a book about it several years later called The Don't Love Dare: Letting him go and finding... it all. Because I really did find IT ALL. Wholeness, REAL joy, and REAL peace in my soul. The things that I could never secure permanently for myself.

So now, here I am all of these years later talking to you about finding joy and peace in your marriage. Why? Because I know what works. What REALLY works, and it's not the road that most of us are on.

I believe I can help you take your own broken, beat-up past and leverage it for God to do something beautiful in your heart and your marriage. I believe it with all of my heart, and that's why I'm here!

I want to walk with you through your personal story- the emotional abandonment that maybe happened in your childhood and teenage years. The past pain and heartache of other relationships along the way. All of the things you are trying to do differently in your own life. The safe, stable, joyful and peaceful home you are trying to build for your own little family. What kind of marriage you want and what road blocks you seem to keep hitting on the way. 

All of these things matter so much. YOU matter so much. 

I would love it if you would consider me your own personal Life Coach. Even if you never buy a single thing on my website, I would like you to put all of my free material to the best use possible. And I would be honored if you would allow me the privilege to speak to your heart. As a sister in Christ, and a fellow Mama and Wife.

With so much warmth and grace,