It is a great time to be a woman. We are living in a place with open doors and opportunities. We are being fought for and heard. A lot of us can stay at home if we want, work if we want, study if we want.

But who are we kidding. Even with all of these freedoms we still have frustrations and life-circumstances that hold us back from becoming all that we want to be. And when I speak to women it is  bleeding through- emptiness, loneliness, weakness and fear. 

Who are you really? Do you long for REAL strength? A real steadiness, peace and joy? You have come to the right place, dear sister. A place to look your true self in the eye and admit your own weakness and frailty. A place that will encourage you to get low, on your face, seek God, be vulnerable and allow him the time and access to your heart to really change you. 

 It's there waiting for you just like it was and is for me. The wholeness we are looking for. REAL strength.

 howdy ya'll

howdy ya'll

Hello, I’m Audry Cece, and my desire is to be God’s hands and feet to hurting women. Particularly women struggling in their marriage, in motherhood, or in their mind from decisions made in the past. If that’s you, then I’m VERY glad you’re here.

I’m not a life-coach, yet, although I do provide some pretty good therapy/coaching sessions for my friends. But right now my time is spent on four beautiful, important little people who need my time, energy and touch, and one amazing man who is doing this crazy life with me. Some day I hope to write more, sit down and help people one-on-one more, and do many other things that I don’t have time for in this season. God is so good in his timing and he’s growing and maturing me in this role of mother, wife, and daughter who is completely and utterly dependent on him. Humility is so precious and so key for leadership. As a leader, Titus 2 is the model I follow because it tells specifically how women should be leading other women.

And for now, this is my cozy little corner of writing that takes place during early mornings with Jesus, and nap times. I hope it feels like a girlfriend over coffee- confessing struggles and growing in faith together. Welcome!